Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Propel Blind Taste Test

So I've been noticing at Walmart that they've come out with a generic version of the Propel powdered packets. They call them "Fulfill." Hahahah. Ben and I decided to do a blind taste test. Since I am the Propel Expert, I would be the taster.

Ben mixed up a glass of each. In the Athens Bicycle glass, we had the Fulfill, in the Deery Lou glass, we had the Propel.

Obviously, I did not know which glass was which.

Ready for tasting!

This is exciting!

I tasted the Deery Lou glass.

Then I tasted the Athens Bicycle glass.

At first, I was impressed by how similar they tasted!

I needed to taste each again.




After several sips of each, I was starting to pick up on a more chemically taste from the beverage in the Athens Bicycle Glass.

I tasted each one more time to be sure.

I made my guess. The beverage in the Deery Lou glass was the Propel.

I was correct! Though the Fulfill gets props for tasting pretty close to Propel, the Propel was the more delicious of the two.

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