Sunday, April 29, 2007

We Made Bagels!!

This afternoon, Nancy had the girls over to learn how to make bagels! We all brought something to eat. I made corn and black bean salsa:

Summer made fruit sushi!

Summer also made me a delicious Pink Panther.

Yumi made this roasted vegetable and goat cheese terrine! So fancy!

Suzanne made a key lime cheesecake with chocolate cookie crust. SO GOOD.

Nancy prepared two different batches of dough for the bagel event. One batch of dough rose overnight in the fridge:

The other one was made that day. Summer begins to roll the dough out into balls.

Valerie puts the bagel holes in the centers of the bagels!

The overnight dough batch, after we plopped them in boiling water, but before we baked them.

Golden and delicious, after baking!

Valerie brought that delicious salad. It had asparagus! Mmm. The bagels were FANTASTIC.

I had half of my bagel with cream cheese and salmon, and the other half with roast beef and cheddar! And horseradish, of course.

After we ate tons of bagels, we went out into the glorious sunshine to play Euchre!

So sunny and nice!

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