Sunday, December 21, 2008

Decorating the Trees

Tonight we went out to Cheryl's house to help her decorate her tree! We put our tree up a couple of weeks ago. Here it is:

Another tree!

Oh, look who it is!

A few months ago, Charlie jumped on the box holding my green ceramic tree, and it BROKE. So mom found a woman who could make me a new one. I went with white this time. She had never made one before, and she poked like two times as many holes as these trees usually have. WHICH IS AWESOME:

Okay, here we are out at Cheryl's!

Vana looks like she is conducting a symphony as we discuss options for the tree.

Cutiepie! In your face!

Hanging ornaments.

Ben's new look. Ornament hanger as earring. Isn't it tough??!

Cheryl made pizzas and they were SO GOOD.

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