Friday, December 26, 2008

A Visit from Leighanna and Ryan!

Leighanna and Ryan were in town from Detroit for the holidays, so we all met up at Tony's to spend time together! Summer treated everyone to a round of Tony's Hot Nuts!

Tony's  Athens Ohio Hot Nuts

The Guinness was delicious that night. Look at that Guinness 'stache!

Guinness  moustache

Ben had one too!

Guinness  moustache

And me! No one can do it like Rose can, though. I'm not sure how she does it!

Guinness  moustache

Group photo!

Me, Leighanna, and Maia!

Ben and Summer!

We all thought that Ryan looked SO much like this guy Brian that went to my high school. So he went and stood near him and we took some stealth photos:


We went to Broney's afterwards for a little while, then called it a night. It was great to see everyone!

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