Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sanibel Island

Ben and I just got back from a week in Sanibel Island, Florida. We spent the week with Pete's Dad Harry, his stepmom Kandee, and Pete, Mer and Baby Kate. It was AWESOME. We went to the beach every day, swam in the pool every day, hunted for seashells, bicycled around the island, went kayaking through the mangroves, ate tons of delicious meals, had lots of great conversations, and really soaked up the sunshine. We also got to witness Baby Kate take her very first steps! It sure is a treat to get away from Ohio in the dead of winter!

Click here for photos.

Speaking of the dead of winter, we couldn't have picked a better week to go. Athens was hit with a massive ice storm, closing O.U. for the first time in over a decade! There was snow and ice everywhere. Look at these photos that Mom sent to us. Yeah, I would rather be in Florida!

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