Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cooking Club: Tour of Asia

Yumi hosted this month's cooking club, and we did a tour of Asia! We each represented a different Asian country. I did Vietnam and made fresh spring rolls. Here are all my ingredients:

Spring rolls!

I made a hoisin/peanut butter dipping sauce, and a garlic chili fish sauce one.

Nancy made watermelon margaritas!

Summer started us off with miso soup.

Time for spring rolls!

Shoe break. Look at Yumi's new shoes!

Yumi prepared a huge spread of Korean side dishes to eat throughout the meal.

Suzanne's Japanese coconut custard buns.

Yumi preparing bulgogi.


It was so so so good.

Serving it up.

With sticky rice.

Another fashion break. This time Summer tries on a dress!

Valerie made outstanding pad thai.


Then we busted into the coconut custard buns. They were GREAT.

Summer's dessert. Coconut rose ice cream with lychee berries.

Nancy made a dessert too! Little roasted pineapple cookies!

It was a wonderful cooking club! I truly felt like I'd been through Asia and back.

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