Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moving: Before and Afters

I spent the month of August cleaning, painting, and moving into Ben's house! Here are the before and after pictures. My mom made all of the curtains for us! She is awesome. Pictures of our downstairs computer den/art project room coming at a later date.

What you see when you walk in the front door. This is the kitchen.
To the right is the living room. The door straight ahead and to the left is our bedroom.

Fridge, sink, dishes.

Sink, kitchen table. The doorway to our bedroom.

Table, pantry, stove. Through that door is the living room.

Window. To the left is the bathroom, to the right is our bedroom.
The kitties food and water are on top of the red drawers.

Bonus pictures of the kitchen!

A good shot of how awesome the floors look now. Ben's mom helped us clean, scrub and Future them!

The front door. I didn't really take any before pictures of that! We added those shelves for storage. Before, there was no curtain.

Front door.

Microwave stand area. The toaster oven is on the shelf below it.We have to be very creative with space in this kitchen!


Looking in from the doorway.

From the far corner. You can see out into the kitchen and the door to the bathroom here.

Bonus pictures of the bedroom!

Straight-on shot of the view from the doorway.

Built in and closet.

Reading lamp.

My keyboard!

I thought I should also show how it looks with its cover on.


Looking out of our bedroom into the bathroom/kitchen area.

New toilet!

Look how pretty.

This is a weird before/after, but here you can sort of see the old curtains vs. the new curtains.

Another shot of curtains, plus the vanity lights and towel bar.
We switched the shelves out for a towel bar to make the bathroom a little roomier.


View from the kitchen into the living room.

Kitchen into the living room.

From the kitchen door. The stairs to the basement are right ahead.
Once Charlie is less scared of the new house, I predict we will see a lot of him on top of the cat tree!

Looking through the living room into the guest room.

From the cat tree corner. There is the door to the kitchen!

Bonus pictures of living room!

Bookshelf corner.


Couch area! Where the relaxing happens.

Closeup of art.

Cat tree corner!

I had to include a photo of this light fixture! We cleaned it up nice and good. It was really dirty before. Mom thought it was opaque pink glass, and I thought it was opaque yellow glass. Turns out it's CLEAR GLASS! Pretty!


Door to outside straight ahead. Door to the living room to the right. We added shelves for storage.

Guest bed. Closet.

My dresser and jewelry area.


Bonus pictures of living room!

Ben made that chest!

Laundry corner. Sheets, towels, ironing board, etc. Cluttery but necessary!

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