Friday, December 14, 2007

NBIA Christmas Party!

This year, the NBIA Christmas Party was at Tracy and Tina's house. There was TONS of cuteness everywhere! First of all, Tracy made little stockings for the staff!


Then came the cutest of ALL, Baby Kate!! Look at her little HAND!!!

Gina, Randy, Cheryl and Baby Kate!

Santa and Santa's little helper.

Look at how cute that little baby Patagonia is!

My favorite thing about Christmas. The FETA DOME:

Mmm, Miller's chicken wings.

We decided to do some car bombs, as there are still a few NBIA staffers who have never done one. Hey, OU! Look! We're using shot glasses with Bobcat insignia on them. WOO WOO!

Tracy busted out the FANCY Jameson. 12 years old!

Megan and Randy joined the NBIA Team of Those Who Have Done Car Bombs. Megan's fiance Bob and Ben joined us too!

It took Megan awhile, but she finished it and liked it!

After everyone left, Ben and I stayed for awhile. Tina made some fancy drinks using Electric Reindeer champagne! Ho, ho, ho!

Bellinis for the girls!

And scotch tasting for the men!

Then it was time to NERD OUT. Wii!

The End!

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