Monday, July 12, 2010

5th Annual Ohio Brew Week!

Tonight was Ohio Brew Week Kickoff Night! A few of us met up at Jackie O's to start sampling the delicious beers.

I was especially excited, because my favorite Jackie O's beer of all time, Sweet Chocolate Love, was going to be making an appearance. This beer originated this past winter, and is supposed to be one of their wintertime beers only, but for brew week they brewed a special batch. IN A BOURBON BARREL. Whoa!! Bourbon - another of my favorite things! It has been a long, lonely stretch of months without this beer in my life, so needless to say I was excited to taste this new version of it!

Here I am with two delicious goblets of the delicious Bourbon Barrel Sweet Chocolate Love. One for me, and one to share.

It was delicious, OF COURSE!!! Quite different than the original, but I could totally taste it in there. The bourbon was a nice touch. It's simple math, really. Take something awesome, put it inside of something awesome, and you get something double awesome!

Here is Summer with her assortment of sample-sized beers. Doesn't she look like a mother duck protecting her brood of little baby ducklings? Peep peep peep!

Yumi smelling the beer like a true pro.

After awhile, we moved outside. I ordered one of my standby favorites from Brew Weeks past, the Cornerstone Brewery Angry Gorilla Hefeweizen. Delicious as always!


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