Friday, July 30, 2010

Euchre Tournament

Summer and J hosted a Euchre Tournament tonight! This is the scoring system we came up with, possibly inspired by the World Cup? Random partners for each game. I would go into more details about the scoring, but I didn't really understand it 100% and just trusted the sportier people to keep track.

Lori and I were having a conversation about being forgetful, and then we started talking about movies. We talked about how we had seen Memento a long time ago, and how we'd both like to see it again. Then we realized that we'd probably forget about this conversation, so we wrote it down and took a picture of it. Kind of fitting, no?

SCOUT! And Dupree!

Megan added a little something to our note. Such little faith!

The hardcore super winners duking it out until the bitter end. I left before they were finished!

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