Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheryl's Birthday Luau

Cheryl threw an amazing luau tonight to celebrate her birthday! Tons of other members of her family have birthdays in August, so it was a huge celebration for EVERYONE!

She and her friends worked so hard and really transformed the place into a Hawaiian paradise.

We each got to pick out a lei!!


The keg was nestled inside a TIKI GOD. AWESOME. We've never had so much fun pouring ourselves beers!


There were even stuffed luau pig prizes for later in the night for cornhole tournament winners. Sadly, we didn't stay long enough to compete, but it's probably better for everyone else that way because I probably would have totally won!

SO relaxing!! The weather was beautiful! In fact, it was excellent practice for when Ben and I go to Hawaii next fall on our honeymoon!

Jello shots! YUM!

PINEAPPLE PALM TREES!!!!! This party was the best, seriously. PINEAPPLE PALM TREES.

This bad boy had been roasting a pig since the wee hours of the morning.

It's done!

YUM! There was tons and tons of amazing food.



Happy birthday, Cheryl!

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