Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cooking Club: Sandwiches!

Nancy hosted the September cooking club, and the theme was "Sandwiches!" Nancy made little MINI versions of her favorite sandwich, which contains pesto, basil, tomato and provolone. And she made little tiny english muffins for them!!!!!!! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE. We added a quarter to the platter to give you a sense of proportion.

Valerie made tofu sandwiches with snap peas and shitake mushrooms inside. These were incredible, and it was so fun to have sandwiches on tofu instead of bread!

Nancy made us a round of apple thyme martinis. Cheers!

Yumi did an appetizer version of a Banh Mi sandwich, featuring homemade pâté!

Fresh and delicious!

Then it was time to get serious and move the party to the TABLE!

Summer made mini versions of a South African dish called Bunny Chow, in which a loaf or hunk of bread is hollowed out and filled with curry. YUM! She did two curries, one with local lamb and the other with chick peas. Spicy and comforting!

My favorite sandwich growing up was always a good ol' fish sandwich. I did a grown up version on a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. I made some beer-battered fish and some fancy tarter sauce. I had quite the assembly line going on in the kitchen!

Kramer really wanted to get his paws on some of that fish.

Fish wraps! It was my first experience making beer-battered fish, and the batter didn't stick very well. It still tasted good though and the tarter sauce was amazing.

For the grand finale, Emily made ice cream sandwiches!! Oh, hi!

Homemade chocolate chip ice cream with homemade marshmallows on homemade graham crackers.

LOOK HOW CUTE AND DELICIOUS!!! They were scrumptious! The little bites of ice creamy marshmallows were the BEST.

After dinner, we played some Taboo.

And told some jokes!

And fawned over handsome Sal.

He is so fluffy and handsome!

That wraps up another amazingly delicious cooking club!

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