Friday, November 25, 2011


We had such a fun and delicious Thanksgiving last night that we were totally pumped to get up and do it all over again today!

We kicked things off with leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch at Mom's house. This year she had the GENIUS idea to make them on thanksgiving ROLLS. How had I never thought of this before?!?!? Behold the deliciousness:

Then we headed out to Vana's this evening for Thanksgiving Dinner Part Two! Yang and Moss made us all a round of naughty Bloody Marys with wiener garnishes.


Then it was time to eat! There was SO MUCH FOOD.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Look at the size of that bowl of mashed potatoes!!! It was HUGE!!!! Like, I don't know if you can get a good sense of proportion from this photo, but let me just tell you that I definitely could have sat in that bowl and my butt is not small!!


Oh, hello. Time for dessert. Pumpkin pie and apple pie!

And buttermilk pie!



Of course, after dessert, things took a nerdy turn as all the guys got their smartphones out.

Geeking it up!!

Here they are all comparing to try and prove whose iPhone has the best display.

This led to a whole series of phone challenges, which are documented in the following video. Happy Thanksgiving!

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