Friday, December 02, 2011

Megan's Last Day

Today was Megan's last day at NBIA. Megan and TJ have had an ongoing war with the NBIA stress balls. I do not participate, for I am Switzerland.

Actually, the pranks started a long time ago, and originated with Billie! Here is some footage from the vault:

Today Megan and TJ went NUTS!

Of course, there was confetti.

Then, after work, we had a going away party at Kim's house! We wanted the night to be really magical, so we made a pitcher of Unicorn Pegasus cocktails.

Making the magic happen!


Bottoms up!

There was a delicious potluck spread. I made the Feta Dome.

We had a champagne toast to celebrate Megan's awesomeness.


For she's a jolly good fellow!

This Evan Williams Cherry Reserve is DELICIOUS.

Kim and Ben!

Sheila got a unicorn pegasus!

Later in the evening, Tracy bet TJ $5.00 that he wouldn't go through Kim's dog door, and TJ boldly accepted the challenge.

And all of this fun and magic happened because of the wonderful Megan. We're going to miss you a LOT, Megs!

This just in from Bob: Bob was in charge of keeping keys safe at the party and in order for TJ to get his keys back, he had to dance. Thanks, Bob, for the video!

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