Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tracy & Tina's Holiday Party

Tonight was the magical night known as Tracy & Tina's Holiday Party! It's one of the most festive nights of the year, and it's always a wonderful time. I made gingerbread cookies for the occasion!

Party time!

Tina made me a DELICIOUS martini, and look at how cute it was with the icy cold pink elephant!

Eventually it was time for the traditional Christmas Car Bombs. Which always means I go into boss mode. Tracy caught this picture of me being SO BOSSY, using BOTH of my hands to point and boss. Somebody has to direct people where to stand!

Randy was thinking ahead! Smart man.

It was a big group this year!!

Ready, set, go!

Cheryl was the clear winner!!! Randy was sad because he was SO CLOSE but not close enough. I stopped trying to win years ago because people like Cheryl are out of my league and I like to savor every delicious drop!

We all bowed to Cheryl. We are not worthy.

Time for some cookies! Unicorn!


Lori ate the LAST unicorn. So I serenaded her with the theme song to The Last Unicorn. "When the last eagle flies..."

Summer observed that if you turn the cowboy boot on its side, it becomes the United States of America! COOL!

Orange hearts! Blue moons!


I only brought one guitar cookie to the party, and I was hoping that Leah would choose it. She did!! Yay!


The next fun activity for the evening was HATS! Somebody plopped a hat on my head, and I looked around and everyone around me had a hat on! Fun! These hats are all from Tina's Wall of Hats.

Group photos!

It was a good night for some Unicorn Pegasuses. Lori was first!

Then Carrie!

MEANWHILE, Megan tasted my sugared cranberries, and discovered that she loved them, EVEN THOUGH she thought she didn't really like cranberries. EXCITING!!! It's always exciting when someone discovers a new food that they like!! So many exciting things happening at ONCE tonight!!

Back to Unicorn Pegasuses! Sean was next.

And then Shawn!

Shawn and Sean!

The final event of the night was LIPSTICK. I was recently given an old lipstick from the 70's called "Floppy." It is SO PINK. Megan, Kelly and I put some on for fun and to look fancy.

Thanks, Tracy and Tina for another magical holiday party!

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