Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Continues

We celebrated Christmas with Ben's family today. I like it when the celebrations stretch out because it means double the holiday magic! We started things off with a lox and bagels smorgasbord brunch at Cheryl's house!


Then we headed out for a hike at Sell's Park! This ended up being a pretty intense hike, we were out there for over two hours! It was a beautiful day, but we got chilly by the end.

You can see Moss, Iris, and Zoey way down there!

Pretty trees.

Christmas hike!

Zoey leading the pack.



Inspecting the rock formations.

That evening, we met back out at Cheryl's house for more family time. We Skyped with Yang in New York City!

Merry Christmas, Yang!

Yang Miller Christmas


Yang Miller Christmas

Bah Humbug.

Jon brought rolls!!!!! LOOK at them! Hellllloooooooooooo!

Cheryl made ham and macaroni and cheese, and Kayla made her green bean casserole! Jon brought soup, too!

The dogs were POOPED from the afternoon hike.

Totally zonked.

So was Vana!


After dinner, we did the White Elephant Christmas Exchange! That pimp hat originally was a gift from Dad to Ben, and it has certainly made the rounds at family Christmas parties over the years.

Kayla opened the pimp hat, but Cheryl stole it!!

This dancing bunny was the most coveted gift of the evening. Kayla opened it first, and then Vana stole it...

... and then I stole it for the third and final steal! YES!!! Obviously that bunny was meant to be mine.

White Elephant!

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