Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We got together this morning at Mom and Dad's house to continue the holiday festivities. Kate kept us ON TRACK! Here she is distributing stockings.

Getting into it!

What could THOSE presents be?!

Uncle Ben got one too!


I got a beautiful unicorn bow for my hair.

Dad got Mom a Mini Jambox!

Ben and I got Mom and Dad the complete Seinfeld DVD set, but it didn't arrive in time for Christmas (even though the web site AND the customer service representative we contacted both guaranteed it would!!). We had to give them this drawing instead.

Kate got a DRUM SET!!

We took a break from present opening and had a breakfast casserole and fruit!

Mer also got the meat started for dinner. She made Sauerbraten!

Everyone wanted a turn on the drums.


Eventually it was time for dinner! Mom made spaetzle.

Mmm! Look at that beautiful meat!



With sauerkraut, spaetzle, and the famous Ann Moneypenny salad.


Mmmmmmm! German feast!

Later that night, we played Headbandz. Each person wears a card on their head and has to try and guess who or what they are by asking questions. There were lots of laughs! And how timely, Uncle Mark got "Santa Claus"! Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas!

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