Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday to Dad! Mer, Pete and Kate were out of town for the actual birthday night, so we had TWO birthday parties! Friday night, Ben, Mom, Dad and I went to Devil's Kettle for a beer and then got OMG Rotisserie takeout for dinner. Yum!!

Mom made Texas Sheet Cake for dessert. It's not a birthday without one!

Make a wish!

We went out to Texas Roadhouse* tonight for round two, since the rest of the family is back in town. The armadillo mascot was cruising around the roadhouse and Kate was not happy about it. She sunk down low in the booth, hiding from it.

See him lurking back there? He didn't keep grandpa from showing off with the peanuts, though!

After dinner, we went back to Ma and Pa's for ice cream cake!

More wishes!

Grandpa showing off the beautiful card that Kate made him.

Yum!! We wish that Larry's Dawg House would start selling ice cream cakes again, but Dairy Queen's are darn good too.

*I chipped a TOOTH at Texas Roadhouse!!! It was terrible. I was eating a bite of my caesar salad, and somehow just bit down weird on my fork and totally chipped it. I'm cringing just typing this! The dentist can't get me in to fix it until next week!! Here's a photo. The tooth was already a little crooked, but there's a sharp little divot in there. EEK! Be careful eating your salads, folks!

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