Sunday, September 25, 2016

K8 Moss Birthday Party

Vana and Joe hosted a birthday party today for Moss and me! We had piña coladas.

Dennis made a giant birthday-boy margarita for Moss!


Family gathered 'round the pond.

Joe grilled up a ton of food.

Margarita station.


Relaxing in the yard.

Time to eat!!

Dishing up.


Kayla and Vana loading up the birthday cheesecake with candles.

Make a wish!

Vana also made homemade ice cream! What a treat!

PRESENTS! Look how cheerful!

Cheryl got me body crayons! Obviously we did a round of unicorn pegasuses.

Then, when Yang fell asleep on the couch, we used them to draw a third eye on his forehead. Muah ha ha!

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