Saturday, November 17, 2018

Cooking Club: Dips!

Nancy hosted cooking club tonight, with Emily and Valerie as her co-chefs. The theme was dips! Emily made a variant on the Seelbach cocktail. This one had orange and cinnamon! It was sort of like a lovechild between an Old Fashioned and a Seelbach. Cheers!

This cocktail was on theme because each cocktail had a cinnamon stick DIPPED into it. Cheers!

Nancy made a refreshing, delicious shrimp cocktail! Succulent shrimp and a tangy cocktail sauce.

Valerie made a lemony smoked trout dip that was delightful. She also made those fancy breadsticks! Ooh la la!

Nancy also served up two hot dips! This one had provolone, grapes and walnuts. Mmm, gooey cheese.

And this was a french onion soup dip with bacon and gruyere. Um, yes.

Valerie made this spring vegetable goat cheese dip! It was loaded with asparagus, artichoke hearts, leeks and peas. I loved it!

Emily fried up a fresh batch of papadum... go with this dal and raita dip! I could totally eat this whole bowl as a meal. Mmm, Indian spices.

We made a plate for Kent. A lil' bit of everything! Dip party is freaking genius.

And, for dessert, chocolate fondue made by Emily! She also made marshmallows! And candied orange peels! Plus pretzels and fruit. Mmmmmmm! Plus, fun!

So, we've come to the end of our current team rotation. We did six months with one set of teams (each lady hosting once), and then mixed things up and did six months with a new set of teams. Now we need to figure out how to mix things up again. This is the second cooking club where we've gotten out paper, pens, pencils and erasers to try and figure out the formula for shaking things up and ... gotten totally stumped!! How do you figure this out!? We always get super close and then: "But, wait..." How to make it fair, so everyone gets to be on team with everyone? Etc.?

I asked my math friend Holly, and she helped us understand that there are ten total possible combinations of the six of us. We're going to take this information and stew on it for awhile, while we figure out what the next set of teams will be. Stay tuned!

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