Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy 49th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a big gathering at Mer, Pete and Kate's house. Baby Jasper's first Thanksgiving!

Jasper and Dad!

Cheryl's famous antipasto spread!

Plus chipotle dip from Dennis, and Bowl of Cheese from Kristin and Moss!

Today also happened to be my parents' 49th wedding anniversary! We surprised them by pulling out some golden "CONGRATS!" balloons. You can see Mer and Pete stringing up the balloons over to the right!


We had a champagne toast. Congratulations!


Family! Kate painted a painting for them.

Carve it up!

I tried a new stuffing recipe this year, Smitten Kitchen's kale and caramelized onion. Featuring delicious sourdough from the Athens Bread Company. It was a success! Delicious! Plus Mer's squash and Kayla's green bean casserole!

Kate had a FaceTime call with her friend.


Look at that spread! Kayla and Derrick brought TWO kinds of mashed potatoes. And Kristin made her homemade chicken and noodles which I cannot get enough of.

Mer and Mom!

Kayla and Vana!

Gabby and Ben!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kate got a karaoke set for her birthday. We had fun with it!

Mom singing "Cleanup Woman!" Mom's first karaoke!

PIE!!! Key lime by Vana, pumpkin by Cheryl, apple by Mom.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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