Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Happy Little Debbie birthday, Vana!

It's Vana's birthday! They had a party at their house. We had Little Italy's pizza for dinner, and for dessert...

Vana put the word out that she's been craving Little Debbie treats, so we arrived with a pile of gifts!

She played "Guess which Lil Deb is in each box!"

Oatmeal Creme Pies!

Birthday Cakes!

We all enjoyed watching the pile of treats grow and grow!

Chocolate Cupcakes!

Zebra Cakes!

Cosmic Brownies!

It's a Little Debbie MOUNTAIN!

Boston Creme Rolls!

Fudge Rounds!

Nutty Buddy!

To Jasper, they were pretty much building blocks!

Tower of Little Debbies!

Joe got out his chef tools and got to work making a sampler platter.

Happy birthday to Vana! Wish time!


After we had eaten our fill, Vana mashed the remaining pieces to form a Little Debbie cake.

Slicking the cake!

Happy happy birthday, Vana!

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