Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve

Vana and Joe hosted a Christmas Eve potluck at their house this evening! Serious pose:

Kayla and Derrick brought a cheese and fruit platter, shaped like a Christmas tree!! So cute!

Dennis of course brought chipotle dip.

Hi, Pete and Dad! Dad is pretending to be asleep.

Kate brought some Christmas books to give to Jasper!

He had fun unwrapping them.

Farro using Mer's foot as a pillow.

Rodrigo called Dad, and we all chatted with him! Hi, Rodrigo!

Joe made enormous Cuban sandwiches.

This is Yang trying to take a photo.

Two sets of matching outfits!

Happy Christmas Eve, Mom and Dad!

What a feast!

Back by popular demand, Yang's green bean casserole! I made mushroom lasagna, and Mer made a sweet potato casserole!

Hello, deliciousness!

Group photos!

Jazz hands!

Duck lips!


After dinner, it was time for White Elephant!

Kayla got this amazing burrito blanket!! But will she be able to keep it?

Little Kate grabs a gift.

Cheryl stole the burrito blanket! Spoiler alert: Ben and I eventually stole it for good and took it home. Yesss!!

Derrick opening a gift!

Dad choosing a gift.

Jasper got a little chainsaw as a gift and it was a HIT. He wouldn't stop playing with it for the rest of the night!!

Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

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