Saturday, December 14, 2019

Tracy and Tina's Christmas Party

Tonight was Tracy and Tina's annual Christmas Party! I made two kinds of spanakopita: traditional feta with spinach, and wild mushroom with blue cheese.

Bob surprised Megan with a champagne toast to congratulate her for graduating from grad school!

Cheers to Megan!

Me and Billie!

We have a lot of glitter on our faces.

Hug pile!! That is TJ, Joe, Tracy and Bob.

We had a lot of fun with Tracy and Tina's coaster faces.

Laughing so hard!

Ben went home and got Felix and brought him to the party. Felix didn't get what was so funny about the coaster faces.

Felix and Summer!

Group photos!

I'll end this with a gif of Billie shimmying. She really captured the spirit of the party!

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