Monday, September 07, 2020

Cooking club paddle board pandemic expedition

Cooking club paddle board pandemic expedition! We've been talking about doing this all summer, and we finally made it happen.

The quarantine has put a damper on hosting cooking clubs at our houses.

So we packed some dishes and hit the lake! The theme was basically "make something picnicky with barely any advanced notice." Because this was such a quickly planned cooking club, Summer already had plans that day and was unable to join us. We missed her!!

Nancy borrowed Riley's board, which is the same board that Yumi and I have. TRIPLETS!!!

We paddled to the far corner of the lake, where there are some picnic tables, and set up a socially-distant picnic.

In the front are delicious cups of chilled corn soup made by Nancy. Behind that, herby, creamy pasta salad featuring asparagus and smoked trout, made by Valerie!

The little burrito-looking things are my contribution: baguette sandwiches with brie, dijon and honeycrisp apple slices. Simple but delicious! On the right are Emily's deconstructed salad skewers, featuring marinated veggies and cheese tortellini! In the back, Yumi made vanilla bean panna cottas with white peaches. YUM!!

Valerie demonstrates the proper drinking technique!

My sandwich, unwrapped. Mmmmmmmm.

Heading back to our cars. We were so full, I'm surprised we didn't sink! What a delicious day.

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