Saturday, September 26, 2020

Happy Birthday Dad + Me: Pandemic Edition

Last year, Dad and I threw an epic birthday party for ourselves at Purple Chopstix. I turned 40, he turned 70. It was so fun!! So many of our friends gathered to celebrate with us! Look at all of those people in one room with no masks on!!!!!!!

Since this year is the global COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn't throw a big birthday  party with all of our friends. Instead, we gathered on Mom and Dad's porch! Purple Chopstix has been closed most of the year. They just happened to open the week of Dad's birthday, offering contactless pickup on the weekends!

How lucky for us! Here we are gathering to celebrate Dad's birthday.

Dad and I were lucky to have warm, beautiful weather on our birthdays.

Sushi appetizer.

Ben got seafood crepes.

Mom and Dad each got crab cakes.

I got the sweet potato peanut pasta.

Everything was SO delicious and it was wonderful to be enjoying Purple Chopstix food again!

Little Kate made our family favorite, Texas sheet cake!

Dad blew his candle out away from the table, so as not to spread germs.

Can he blow it out through the mask? Of course he can!

Two weeks later, we gathered again for another round of Purple Chopstix family birthday fun! This time, to celebrate my birthday!

Vana and Joe gave me some home brew for my birthday. Cheers!

Vana also gave me these Junk Party Jewelry Cool Ranch Dorito earrings. Isn't that the best name ever for an earring!??

Sweet potato bisque!

Relaxing on the front porch!

Kate got pesto pasta!

I got red curry with shrimp, and Ben got sweet potato peanut pasta with chicken! We love Purple Chopstix!!!

Lucy tried unsuccessfully to get a bite.

Instead of blowing out the candles, I waved them out using the force of my freshly-washed hands!


Mmm, Texas sheet cake. You wish, Lucy!

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