Thursday, July 01, 2004

Poker Champion

It's Thursday, which means Poker Night. I love Thursdays. It means it's almost the weekend! Plus I get to look forward to going straight from work to a bar, ordering a big tall ice cold beer, and playing cards with friends. Last Thursday was a monumental night in my personal poker history. The group was me, Yumi, Dan, Mike and Jason. And I took EVERYBODY OUT. As in I took ALL of EVERYBODY'S money. As in NO ONE had any money BUT ME! Whee! It was so fun. Hopefully I will kick ass again tonight...

Okay, so my boyfriend is the greatest. He takes all these awesome pictures of the kitties and then FTP's them to my computer. The most recent batch is as cute as ever. Charlie's latest thing is that he likes to sleep out on the couch every morning. He thinks the tiger blanket is his mom, I swear. He kneads it for a really long time, and it's usually soggy afterward from all of his drool. Then he passes out.

Next up, we have some pictures of Charlie and Emma hanging out on the living room floor. They were being cute and cuddly until Charlie decided to attack Emma's butt. Then she made a smart decision and scooted away from him. That's what you get, Charlie!

I am totally looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend. Saturday night I'm having a big Fourth of July Cookout. Actually it's a Third of July cookout, technically. I hope the weather's nice. Mmm, cheeseburgers. And Bocce ball!

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