Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Pawpaw Festival WITH GINA!

Yesterday, Ben, Vana, Gina and I headed out to the 12th Annual Ohio Pawpaw fest. Here we are in the car on the way to pick up Vana.

Gina knew just about everyone at the fest. Here's Gina in the VIP booth.

In the t-shirt tent!

Gina and Barb!

The pawpaw man himself offering Gina some tasty fruit.

Time for a refreshment in the beer garden. Mmm, Pawpaw Wheat! CHEERS!

Gina and Andie!


Gina and Kelly.

Sue, Gina and TJ.

Gina hanging out with the Millers!

Gina and Joey.

Gina taking a spin on the Village Bakery's corn tortilla making machine.

Look at those tortillas! Gina made the dough for those!

After all of Gina's hard work, we just had to get some tostadas for lunch.

We also had some delicious kabobs and noodles with pawpaw sauce!

Victoria and Gina at the Snowville Creamery booth.

Ben, Gina and I took a spin in Dennis's electric car.


Gina and Billie!

Sue got a unicorn pegasus!

Back in the beer garden.

Gina and friends.


Gina and Mason!

Gina and Jason!

Gina and Nicole!

Gina checking out the beer garden.

Vana and Gina standing in line for some delicious beer.

Hitting up the dance field.

Gina and Adrian!


Olivia and Lexi showing off their unipegs.


We had a wonderful time at the beer garden.

Say cheese!

Mmm, Pawpaw Wheat!

Gina sure has a lot of friends!

Gina and Michelle!

On our way out of the festival, we met this giant pawpaw walking in!

After the festival, we went back to our house for pizza. YUM!

Gina and I had such a good time at the festival yesterday, that we headed back with my parents today!

Gina and Kelly!

Gina, Dad and Baby Kate enjoy a pawpaw popsicle.

Gina and friends!

Moss was on his way to participate in the skateboard demo.

Gina and Warren!

Gina and Kayla!

Gina and Joy!

Gina and Mac!

Gina and Paula!

Mom, Gina, Baby Kate and Dad getting ready to take a horsedrawn wagon ride.

Gina and I check out some of the artwork.


At the tostada station again!

Spencer, Marilyn and Gina!

Gina and Ginger!

On our way out, we checked out the sheep pen.

Pawpaw Festival 2010 was a blast!! Of course, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun without special guest Gina Geremia.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best idea, the best post, and the best pictures. And I wasn't even there, and I'm not Gina! I just llllooooooovvvee this thread. Bravo Kate! --summer