Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colorful Cooking Club

Tonight, Emily hosted cooking club. The theme this month was color! We each had to make a dish that was one specific color, and dress to match our color. Look, we're a rainbow! We're all enjoying our appetizer course that Nancy made, these crazy insane blue cocktails.

Nancy also made blueberry breadsticks. Doesn't she look like an ocean WAVE?!?


These drinks were dangerous. They had gin, vodka, rum, and blue curacao. (I think.) They didn't taste alcoholic at all, which is why they are so dangerous!! Like a Long Island Iced Tea.

Valerie's color was black. She started us off with some caviar.

Yep, that's pretty black! It was VERY salty.

I was pink. I brought some Red Bicyclette wine to match my outfit!

Yumi was yellow, and also matched her wine to her outfit.

Yumi has become quite the wine snob these days. Look at her smelling that aroma! Critique!

I made summertime borscht.


I dished up the perfect amount into all my little bowls, but then I still had to put in the tzatziki. After I added that, all the bowls were SO FULL. I had to walk to the dining room SO SLOWLY and Valerie spotted me with a paper towel just in case.

Seriously, oh my god. LOOK HOW FULL.

Valerie made black rice!

YUM. It was super gingery and had pecans and dried cranberries.

Pink & Black!

Yumi dishing up her yellow entree. Curried vegetables!

Emily made spinach ravioli!

Yellow and green!

The significant other of the lady who hosts cooking club is always lucky enough to get a plate by the end of the night. Look at Mark's plate! It is a total rainbow!!


After all that food, we played Taboo for awhile to work up an appetite for dessert.

BROWN COURSE! Summer made the BEST ice cream sandwiches. Brown butter cookies, with homemade caramel ice cream, DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE and then some crushed Heath bar sprinkled on.

A masterpiece on the plate AND in my mouth.

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