Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kate!

To celebrate Kate's third birthday, we had a delicious pizza party featuring Avalanche Pizza! YUM!

There's the Birthday Girl!

Kate managed to get a piece of pizza stuck to her finger.

It was pretty silly. She's a little PIZZA FINGER!!!! She kept waving it around.

Silly pizza finger birthday girl!

Everyone knows that birthdays are full of fun and surprises.


It's a big one!

Yay! Blocks!

It was a special day for Baby, too. She got a new outfit. Looking spiffy, Baby!

Kate loves dress-ups these days, so I got her some fun dress-up items. A princess wig! Doesn't Pete look beautiful?

Meredith, too!

Look at the little Birthday WITCH!!!

Admiring herself in the mirror.

Little witch playing with her new toys.

CAKE!!!!!! Mer made this cake and it was PHENOMENAL.

Happy birthday to Kate!

Anxious to get to those candles.

Make a wish!



YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Possibly the best cake I have ever had.

Birthday girl!

And she's off again with her toys!


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