Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cooking Club: Soup's On!

Valerie was the host of the November Cooking Club, and the theme was soup! What a perfect theme for such a chilly month. Valerie decorated the table with a centerpiece of flower soup!! How lovely!

And what would a soup night be without a delicious loaf of bread?

Summer started the night off with a Parsnip Yam and Watercress Chowder.

It also had green apples in it! It was sweet and delightful.

Emily made TWO soups to swirl together - tarragon pea, and ginger roasted red pepper. They went fantastically together and look at how PRETTY! Such a delicious holiday soup.

Next up was Valerie's Chinese Rainbow soup. This was my favorite of the night! First of all it is called Chinese RAINBOW. Awww!!!!!!! How can you not love that?! And it had coconut milk and peanut butter, yum. TONS of succulent mushrooms and other veggies, and the tofu was just perfect. I kind of wanted to climb inside my bowl and swim around.

We followed the rainbow with Yumi's lamb and potato stew! It was yum. Hearty and filling! The mint sprinkled on top was the perfect burst of flavor.

I made a spicy blue cheese tomato soup! The secret ingredient was beer. It was SPICY!! So good.

The final soup of the evening was Nancy's shrimp and mushroom bisque. It was SO tasty!! It was the perfect soup to round out the lineup. Juicy, delicious shrimp and creamy, wonderful mushrooms.

After dinner, Nancy surprised us all with scarves!! She's been practicing her knitting, and we were the lucky recipients of her practice!! Lucky US! Everyone's scarves were so different and they were all cute cute cute. Thank you, Nancy!

After our little modeling session, we were in for another surprise. Valerie had prepared a DESSERT SOUP for us. Oh my god. Raspberry white chocolate soup with freaking BROWNIE CROUTONS. Shut UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cup of dessert soup had a raspberry shaped like a HEART in it!! Can you even HANDLE the cuteness?!?!? It was totally completely delicious. What a great surprise!

This was a seriously awesome installment of cooking club. When I got home, after seven types of soup and several glasses of wine, my stomach was loudly going "SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH!!" when I moved, which was kind of fun to gross Ben out with. HOORAY FOR SOUP!

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