Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shade Winery

This afternoon I headed out to Shade Winery with Kim and Joy.

I had never been there before. It was Kim's idea! Look at how cute it is!

The vineyard.

The tasting includes eight wines for the low, low price of $6! What a great price!!

I think possibly my favorite thing about the winery was that they had jars of oyster crackers on every table. I loooooove oyster crackers. They are hands down my favorite cracker of all time. FYI, the best tasting brand is definitely Kroger. They have cornered the market on oyster crackers for sure. And that is the brand that Shade Winery serves (after much complicated oyster cracker taste testing and research, they explained!), which means they obviously have excellent taste.

There are other delicious snacks to enjoy too, like Integration Acres cheese and crackers.

Mmm, wine!

The friendly owners. It's Gina's friend Neal and his wife! The Shade Winery experience was definitely a great time and I would recommend it for sure.

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