Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mer!

We celebrated Mer's birthday tonight at our place. Mom and Dad just got back from a trip to Michigan, and Wendy sent them home with the cutest little purses for all of us ladies. She made them! They each had different fabric on the outside, and were lined with cute fabric too! My purse was orange with BUNNIES inside! Kate, Mom and Mer showing off their purses:

Ben dug up one of his fun toys for Kate to play with. This gun makes cool noises and shoots foam discs!

Pete was on disc retrieval duty.

Grandpa and Kate shootin'!

Charlie was watching with interest from a safe distance.

We had a pizza party followed by cake! I made the lemon cake that I made for Ben's birthday earlier this year.

Lighting the candles!

Make a wish!

Mmm, lemony layers.

Happy Birthday, Mer!

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