Friday, December 14, 2012

NBIA Xmas Party

Tonight was the annual NBIA Xmas Party at Tracy & Tina's house! This party is always such a great time!

We enjoyed a round of the traditional NBIA Xmas party drink, Irish Car Bombs. Yum!

TJ claims to know how to make a "perfect martini," so he became the bartender for awhile. People drinking martinis look fancy, so I decided to take some portraits.

It took about five seconds for the portraits to stop being fancy, thanks to Sean!


TJ gave Billie a spanking.

And then they did Sunshine Arms!

Which is like a super amped up version of Jazz Hands, really.

TJ's perfect martini. He is an olive hater, so he insists on only putting one per cocktail.

I followed him around and treated people to additional olives. Because they are DELICIOUS.

Lori's portrait.

Rick. Cheers!

Tracy had the CUTEST little limoncello glasses. They're so fancy you just can't resist sticking your pinky out while you sip. Dainty!

This picture is blurry but I'm posting it anyway, because Elizabeth and I are being so fancy with our pinkies!

Tracy and Tina, our wonderful hostess and host!

Unicorn Pegasus time! Lori's first!


TRACY LET ME DO A UNICORN PEGASUS ON HIS FACE!!!!! He is my new favorite person! Aaron Mather let me do one on his forehead once, which was also awesome. But this was the first full-on face unipeg.

Billie captured this great photo of Tracy and I both pointing and me yelling. We must have been passionate about something! Point point point!

It's glorious!

Face unipeg!

Then we got to shoot guns!!!!!! Best party ever!!! Tracy got Tina a super realistic BB gun that's just like one of the guns in the Bond movies.

Ben shooting!

Me shooting!



Thanks to Tracy & Tina for ho-ho-hosting another excellent NBIA Xmas party!

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