Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! This year our celebration was very low-key, because my Mom and I both had colds. We spent much of the holidays texting each other pictures of our cold remedies or thermometer updates of our fevers.

I even had to miss Dennis's annual Cabin Christmas Eve Eve party!! This is the first year I've ever missed it since I met Ben. I've gone the past six years. I totally cried, wah wah!!

But we were able to pull ourselves together to enjoy Christmas Day through the haze of our sicknesses. LOOK at this wrapping paper that Mom found this year!! I took pictures so I could preserve the cuteness for all time.

Dad made cooking utensil sets for everybody this year, using scraps of fancy wood that he's been saving and collecting in his shop. My set is made with snakewood, and it's beautiful! He made Baby a little tiny matching snakewood set. Look how cute!!

Kate got a Log Cabin!

We all got Yo-Yo's!

Kate also got an accordion. Grandpa helped show her how to play it. It will take a lot of practice!

Eventually he changed into a cozy new pair of Christmas pajamas!

We took a break from opening presents to make a delicious breakfast feast. Mer made the same french toast that she made last year, from loaves of her amazing homemade cinnamon swirl bread!

On the griddle!

Plus some delicious lean local sausage.

Then it was back to presents! Merry Christmas, everyone!

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