Sunday, September 01, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Ben & Me!

Ben and I were married one year ago today! We have been celebrating our anniversary all weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner at Zoe. Ben wore his Grandpa's hat, and I wore my wedding shoes and jacket! Here we are on our back deck.


We started off with the delicious Aunt Mary's Pondwater Martini. Cheers!

Then we got the Asiago Gnocchi. I love this appetizer so much I could marry it (if I wasn't already married to Ben!).

For his entree, Ben ordered the duet of petite filets. Cute!

I got the spicy shrimp and peanut stew. Mmm.

We had another round of cocktails because we were feeling celebratory. I had a Big Apple Manhattan.

Ben had a vodka, lime and ginger cocktail.

We saved room for dessert at home. We were excited to partake in the anniversary tradition of eating leftover wedding cake! My mom did an amazing job of wrapping and protecting our cake after the wedding, and even stored it in her basement fridge for us. Thanks, Mom! Look, it's almost as good as new!

Our wedding cake had two different flavored layers. Lemon with lime curd, and chocolate with raspberry buttercream. Cheryl from Heavenly Confections here in Athens made our cake, and we absolutely recommend her. We got to enjoy both flavors that night and ended up with quite a few leftover slices of the lemon-lime, which we froze and ate on occasion for a couple of months. We loved both flavors, but since we only ended up with lemon after the wedding, we were totally hoping that the top layer was chocolate. I found myself wondering about it several times throughout the year. It was incredibly suspenseful. And lucky us, when we cut into the cake we were delighted to discover that yay, IT WAS CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

It was DELICIOUS, too. It seriously tasted fresh!! What a treat!

Saturday night we had dinner at home. I made two lasagnas several weeks ago, and put one in the freezer. It was awesome to have a delicious lasagna dinner with no prep work!

We enjoyed it with this wine from Trader Joe's. Obviously it is special because it has a unicorn on it. Cheers!

Lasagna, salad, and Trivial Pursuit. Relaxing night in!

And garlic bread, of course!

We had cake all weekend. Tonight is our actual anniversary, and we got to enjoy more of that lasagna and more cake. It was great fun celebrating all over again. Yay for marriage!

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