Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pawpaw Fest 2013

The Ohio Pawpaw Festival gets bigger and better every year, and this year it was HUGE! So many people came out for the fest that there were some issues with parking. Folks were encouraged to head to one of the free shuttle lots to park. We went to the lot at the Albany Fairgrounds. When we saw the line of people waiting to take the shuttle to the festival, we decided to just walk! Albany is about 1.7 miles from Lake Snowden where the Ohio Pawpaw Festival is held.

It was an adventure!

We made it!

Heading into the fest. Look at all those cars!

We got to roll VIP-style since I am the webmaster for the Pawpaw Fest web site.

Lori, Rik, me and Ben!

Cheers! Jackie O's delicious Pawpaw Wheat. Doesn't it look like a ray of sunshine in a glass?

Cheers, Kayla!

Ben and me!

We ran into Dennis, too!

This year there was a new feature at the festival - The Pawpaw Gauntlet! This was a giant obstacle course race.


We also ran into Leda!

It got dark and cold FAST.

We opted to take the shuttle back to the fairgrounds rather than walk in the dark. I was pretty jealous of this girl's outfit.

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