Sunday, October 08, 2017

Rock the Vote!

This weekend a bunch of us internet message board friends got together in Columbus to help Amy campaign for school board! We started the weekend off super wholesomely with an apple taste test. My personal favorite was the Fuji. They were a great batch! The pinata had a great flavor, too. And cheese makes everything better!

Molly and Penny!

Group photos after a delicious dinner at The Whitney House.

Then off to Eldorados, where the band 28 Eyes was playing.

Lots of great covers!

Then we went to Zuey's, where we practiced role playing scenarios of possible canvassing situations that we might encounter on Saturday.

Canvas day! We were pretty excited to surprise Amy with matching campaign T-shirts.

Vote for Amy Harkins!


After a long and productive day of canvassing, Anne and I ran to Weiland's Market to do an errand for cooking club. When we arrived, there was a wine tasting in progress. Don't mind if we do!

Then we met for dinner at Cosecha Cocina, where Anne and I managed to split an ungodly amount of food. Then we all headed to Paddy Mac's for karaoke! Go, Gigi!

Go, Melissa!

For our farewell brunch the next morning, we went to Milestone 229. Everything was delicious! Including this gin mimosa cocktail! Cheers!

The warm pretzel bread was obviously amazing.

Anne and I shared breakfast tostadas. So good!

We also shared the bagel and lox pizza, which was amazing. The everything bagel crust!!!

It was an amazing weekend, and it's always so great to see everyone. And especially amazing to support our fantastic friend Amy!

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