Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trick or Treat!

Tonight was Athens Trick or Treat! Dad has a friend staying at the guitar shop this month, and his wife Rebecca is in town visiting. She and Mom joined me in front of my house to pass out candy! Amina and Aya were our first customers.

We got a lot of action!

I was dying of jealousy over this costume. It's so cute!!

UNICORN! The other kids were cute too, of course.



Kate was a chef!

Here come Michael and Dad to join us!

Family photo.

Neighborhood kids! Plus Aya's back!

It was warm at first, but got chilly fast.

Once Trick or Treat was over, we ventured to Mer's house for a chili party!

Sarah is a salad!


Kate and Sarah!

Phil and me!

The kids were jacked up on candy. So wild!

There was breakdancing.

And lots of sliding.

Chad rocking Sarah's tomato.

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