Saturday, October 28, 2017

Uptown Halloween Block Party

Ben and I took Felix for a walk to check out Uptown Halloween Block Party! We walked up early, before things got too crazy.

The Wild Honeybees were playing at Central Venue, and the Honey for the Heart parade ended there, so there were lots of wild paper mache costumes around.

Felix wasn't allowed inside, so I just popped in for a minute to check it out.

Outside, we ran into Rachid and family! He hardly looks different in this mask!

Felix was a very patient boy.

Aya came to say hi!


Doing a walkthrough.

With Lara, Aya, Rachid and Amina.


We got a beer at The Union and hung out on the rooftop patio for a bit. Again, Felix was a good boy!

A donut and a giraffe! God, I love Halloween.

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