Sunday, May 02, 2004

Birthday Party!

Today was a pretty productive day! First I got up and went and did pet care for my friends, they're out of town. After that I went over to mom's house. We went out to lunch at Burger King, we both got BK Veggie Burgers and salads. Mmm! Then we went shopping at Walmart. Blech. But productive! After that we went to mom's house and I gave her a photoshop lesson. THEN I went grocery shopping, then it was finally birthday party time.

Mom and Dad had Adam and I over for his birthday party. Ivan, this guy in from Richmond Virginia who is learning guitar repair from dad and Adam this weekend, was also there. We had steaks, orzo salad, mixed greens with walnuts, onions and strawberries, sourdough bread and a lovely Pepperidge Farm cake that I decorated. Everything was delicious. Also some red wine.

Now I have to get ready for bed, because tomorrow is my first day back for a full week of work.

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