Sunday, August 29, 2004

Congratulations, Matt and Melissa!

Another great weekend! At the end of the workday on Friday, Kathy and I needed a beer. So we went to Casa, where it quickly became obvious that it wasn't beers that we needed, but margaritas. So we got some margaritas and hung out in the Cantina. Then we noticed Jason's dad sitting alone with a margarita! We invited him over and it turns out he comes there every Friday to have dinner and margaritas with one of his other sons, Brendan. Brendan was out of town so Peter came alone. He ended up inviting us to eat with him, and bought us our dinners! What a nice surprise! Dinner was fun and there was lots of laughing. And deliciousness.

On Saturday I went to Parkersburg with Yumi and Leighanna. We did the usual shopping, and had lunch at The Olive Garden. Mom was in Parkersburg for the day, so she joined us for lunch. We got back into town shortly before we were to be at Matt and Melissa's wedding. They got married at the new OU Rotunda, and the ceremony was short and sweet. They played fun songs and had interesting readings. Their reception was at the OU Inn. It was a great time.

They had a keg of Blue Moon, my favorite beer. Also some delicious merlot. Dinner for me was Salmon (I chose fish). They had a fun montage of photos that they played on a big screen. There was also lots and lots of dancing. A great celebration! Afterward, a bunch of us went to Tony's. We hung out for awhile, then went to our place for a mini after hours. It was great to see everyone, and I'm so happy for Matt and Melissa!Congratulations, Matt and Melissa!

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