Sunday, August 15, 2004

Cranberry Stilton and Bocce Ball

This was a good weekend! Friday was my office's summer potluck, at Sarah's house. Her husband Joe brews his own beer and he is really good at it. So we got to drink delicious homebrewed beer. Kathy and I also made Mai Tai's, because it was Cheryl's birthday and those are her favorites! There were lots of delicious things to eat, including a cheese tray that had CRANBERRY STILTON on it. It was delicious. Also, foccacia pizzas, tortilla pinwheels, hot dogs with Larry's Dawg House sauce, 2 pies, cookie bars and brownies.

We played Bocce Ball. Kathy and I were on a team and we kicked butt. Then we played horseshoes and totally lost, but only because it was getting dark. Kathy's brother Mark was in for the weekend, and Adam's friend Marc was also in, and Mark and Marc are good friends from college, so after the potluck we met up with them and went out to Frank and Bean's house for a bonfire. We saw a shooting star!

Saturday night I went to Casa with Kathy and Mark. Somehow they messed up the waiting list, so our 45 minute wait became an hour and a half. Luckily we had margaritas to keep us company. They gave us a free appetizer - artichoke parmesan dish, but it was cold in the middle. Gee, thanks! After Casa, we went to my house to play Pictionary. Then all the boys hung out talking for a long time and Kathy and I watched The Last Unicorn and fell asleep.

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