Friday, October 29, 2004

I Won $50!

Today was awesome! First of all, it was the Friday before Halloween which means it's time to wear your costume to work! I politely told my coworkers that costumes were preferred, but wearing orange was acceptable. I loaned my sister my bunny outfit! Tracy, Brian and I played with my darts. Then, at lunch time I got to go to Stewart MacDonald and have a pizza party with them because they always celebrate Halloween!

After work, Summer and I drove to Nelsonville and entered a costume contest at the Final Fridays event. It was at Stuart's Operahouse. I won second place! I won $50 Final Fridays Bucks, which means I have to spend it somewhere in Nelsonville's Town Square. I'm looking forward to shopping! After the contest, we went to Frank and Bean's house for a cookout. I ate SQUIRREL! It sort of tasted like duck. It was a very meaty party. There was also ham and meatballs. And a bonfire! It was a beautiful night.

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