Tuesday, October 26, 2004


This weekend, my coworkers got together for a Wiener Roast. It was delicious! Cheryl always makes sure to get some Larry's Dawg House Chili Sauce when we have a potluck. Mmm. She also made her legendary taco dip. I made vegetarian chili. There was so much delicious food. Including S'MORES! Cheryl's daughter and her friend roasted a huge plate of marshmallows and brought them inside. I felt like I was totally cheating. But it sure was a delicious S'more!

And what a great week. I have enough leftover chili to have it for lunch every day until Friday, when I get to go to a PIZZA PARTY for lunch! I'm going over to Stewart McDonald to have lunch with Summer and Yumi. Everyone there gets really decked out for Halloween. So fun! I'll be wearing my cupid costume to work, that's for sure. Summer and I are going to surprise our aerobics class Thursday morning by wearing our bunny outfits over our workout clothes. I can't wait!

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