Friday, October 22, 2004

Sarah Jessica Parker

So, last night was the SJP Rally at the Blue Gator. Yeah, I'm starstruck. There was a HUGE line to get in. Luckily my friend Julie was saving a spot in line for me. Julie got there at three o'clock. SJP was due to go on at 5. There were girls at the front of the line that had been waiting since NOON. They were only letting 300 people in. I'm glad they didn't bust me for cutting. I can't help that I have a full-time job. It shouldn't mean that I don't get to go support politics! Anyway.

So we waited forever. She was late, she didn't go on til six. I was actually expecting a much longer speech. She talked for less than ten minutes!!!! But it was fun.

She was wearing a cute white t-shirt that said "KERRY" in shiny silver letters, a black blazer that she took off pretty quickly, an AWESOME "Vote" necklace, super cute jeans, and... and... okay I will admit it. I TOTALLY forgot to check out her shoes. That was like my goal of the night. I hate myself. I just emailed this girl that wrote an article for the paper and asked her if she happened to notice them.* So perhaps there will be an update.

First, the LINE! There were an estimated 700 people in line. Julie and I were about 200 people back, and this is the line behind us.

Some asshat parked his ugly fat monster truck in front of the Blue Gator, with a whole bunch of Bush signs and this mean sign for SJP "S.J. PARKER WHERE WERE YOU WHEN ATHENS COUNTY REALLY NEEDED HELP". Dude, she's been making really awesome TV shows for me to watch. Give her a break.

Finally, the rally. At the end, I pushed my way up to the front. I was going to get her to sign my poster but when I got up there, she looked really stressed because all these screaming girls were SHOVING their stuff in her face for her to sign and I felt like an a-hole so I did what was more important to me anyway. Took a ton of pictures of her!

*UPDATE! The girl who wrote the article just emailed me back. Whew! Now I know what her shoes were:

"Yeah, I checked 'em out. I wanted to put them in the story, but didn't know
what designer they were from. It was boots, paired with a cropped pair of

Glad you liked the article! Thanks!

She didn't say what color the boots were, but since SJP arrived in a black blazer, I think it's safe to assume that they were black.

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