Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cheryl's New Land

Ben's mom Cheryl bought some land out near Pomeroy, and took us out to see it tonight. On the land, there is an old, old barn. Cheryl is going to have the Amish come and see about repairing it.

Look at the moon and stars up near the roof!

The sky was so pretty tonight.

Ben noticed this wishbone-shaped branch up in the tree!

Oh, a vine!

My little monkey!

Ben running away as the whole vine comes crashing down.

A pile of things to burn.

Unicorn pegasus!

After we toured the land, we went into Pomeroy to eat. We wanted to eat at the Court Street Grill, but it was closed! So we went to the Wild Horse Cafe. Ben got a burrito. Look at how huge it was!

The bun on my chicken sandwich was enormous, too!

Ben was like OMG SO MUCH FOOD UGH.

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