Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Summer!

To celebrate Summer's birthday this year, we gathered at China Panda for a FEAST!

Rose and I shared two kinds of sushi and their amazing steamed dumplings. SO GOOD.

LOOK at how enormous Nancy's gift to Summer is!

Summer tried the wrapping paper on as a dress!

YAY! Pool floatie! Nancy is the pool floaties expert, so it's sure to be a really good one!

After we were done eating dinner, Missy revealed her surprise for Summer. Little individual fancy chocolate cakes with edible fancy chocolate outsides!


Cross section. There were chocolate ganache and rasberries inside.

After we were all SO FULL from the desserts, our waitress brought out a free dessert platter courtesy of China Panda!

Omg how are we going to eat it?

Happy birthday!

Another cross section. This one had some sort of sweet ice cream inside. It was good.

Afterwards we went to the Union to listen to some bands. I looked like Frankenstein with my ear plugs!

Here is the tiger hat I made for Summer. Rarr!!

Fierce on one side...

...sweet on the other!

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