Saturday, March 22, 2008

Surprise Engagement Brunch at Summer and J's

Since Rabecca and Leighanna & Co. were in town for Easter, Summer and J decided to have everyone out for a brunch on Saturday morning. What they didn't know was that we all decided to surprise them with an engagement party to celebrate their recent engagement! Halfway through the brunch we busted out balloons and banners and congratulations!

Here is my plate of delicious brunch:

Ella playing in the engagement balloons!

Little baby Nolan taking a nap:


Rabecca and Leighanna made chocolate covered strawberries including a bride and a groom set of berries!

Party in the hot tub!

Congratulations to Summer and J on their engagement! We followed the strawberries with a champagne toast.

Ella wanted in on that champagne toast:

(The bottle was empty. Obviously. Right?)

Oh, this was my best idea of the day. One of the top ten best ideas so far in 2008 actually. I toasted up an onion bagel, and then spread it with strawberry cream cheese then stuffed BACON in!!! mMMM! It was so good! Summer split it with me to help cut back on the gluttony.

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