Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cooking Club at Nancy's

Nancy hosted this month's cooking club night, and the theme was Make Your Own Raviolis! COOL!! Here is Nancy rolling out the pasta dough:

Nancy, Suzanne and Summer assembling raviolis!

Valerie jumps in to help.

Yumi brought an assortment of delicious roasted vegetables. YUM.

Time to sit down and eat!

Valerie's crab salad with avocados and blood orange dressing. SO GOOD.

And even better with cheese!

I made sweet potato coconut soup, and Suzanne made rolls. ROLLLLLLLLS.

There were two types of raviolis! These were heavier, and had a red sauce:

And these were lighter and we put brown butter on top. Both were delicious!

And Summer made hummingbird cake! It was a delicious night. Thanks everyone!

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